Cool-season broadleaf weeds can be a major problem during periods of mild temperatures and abundant rainfall.

  • Drawing on your experiences from previous winters, the first step is to pull out your course weed map and prioritize areas that have been previously infested.
  • If your course doesn’t have a weed map, now is a good time to start one – make notes about which winter weeds infest various parts of fairways, tees and greens. This map can be very simple; a hand-drawn bubble chart will suffice. As the season progresses, use several colors of ink to note which weeds are present in various locations.
  • All sorts of cool-season weeds can be troublesome, especially where warm-season turf species are dormant.
  • Winter annual weeds such as deadnettle, henbit, speedwell and chickweed germinate in fall or early winter and take advantage of favorable growing conditions as well as unthrifty turf.

Source: Superintendent, December 2011