Golf Industry Profile

Brady Nash | Product Specialist, Research & Development, Suncor Energy Inc.

Hometown: Milton, Ontario

What should Superintendents know about your company?: We believe in doing more with less. We help golf course superintendents achieve the results they are looking for.

What do you do all day in your job? My job varies from day to day, but a major component is new formulation development. This type of work involves research, production of new formulations in the lab, and testing of those formulations in field trials.

When you’re gone from the golf industry, how do you want to be remembered? As an innovative formulator who was able to use sustainable ingredients to produce top-quality products for the golf course industry.

If you were born 100 years ago, what would you do for a living? I would have likely still pursued some sort of career in the sciences, most likely research related to improving crop performance through breeding.

Best thing about the golf industry? The camaraderie I have observed among superintendents.

Worst thing about the golf industry? The pressure placed on superintendents to maintain their golf courses to sometimes unrealistic expectations. I think most people who play the game don’t realize what it takes to keep a course looking and playing the way it does.

What golf course can’t you wait to get on and why? I would like to play Greywolf Golf Course in Panorama, B.C. I have always enjoyed the Rockies, but have never had the chance to golf there, and this particular course has always been at the top of my list.

Describe golf course superintendents in one word? Resourceful.

Who would you rather play golf with — Arnie or Jack? Jack Nicklaus, as he’s always been one of my favorite golfers.

Who’s your favorite character from “Caddyshack” and why? Bill Murray … because he’s hilarious.

Who should we get to know?: To nominate someone, contact Lawrence Aylward