What should golf course superintendents know about your company that they don’t already know?

FMC is a U.S.-based company. The good people in central Illinois or upstate New York are working hard to manufacture quality products. FMC also manufacturers many other products that we use in our daily lives, including food ingredients, and raw materials in glass and plastic.

What’s a day in the life for you in your job?

I wear multiple hats throughout the day. I’m working on creative marketing ideas (think Zombie Weeds), supply/demand issues, new product concepts and supporting our field sales team.

When you’re gone from the golf industry, how do you want to be remembered?

By my motto to “Be Inspired!” On a daily basis, I seek to inspire others or to be inspired by others. I’m motivated by my passion to make the golf industry better through the development of better products.

Who is your hero?

My dad, Bill Manwarren. One thing that I will always remember he taught me is: “Your reputation precedes you into a room. Your integrity follows you out.”

Adam Manwarren

Title: Brand Marketing Manager, FMC Herbicides & Fungicides

Hometown: Today – Jenkintown, Pa. (Philadelphia area). Grew up in Apple Valley, Minn.

What’s the best thing about the golf industry?

I love how active superintendents are on social media (Twitter and their blogs) and their willingness to share information. For me, it’s a great way to learn what’s happening around the country to better understand what challenges and opportunities superintendents face.

What’s the worst thing about the golf industry?

Perception versus reality on the environmental impact of golf. I’m a firm believer that superintendents are some of the best stewards of the environment. We need to continue to reinforce the positive impact of golf.

What golf course can’t you wait to get on and why?

Cypress Point. It’s where The Match took place back in the 1950s. Mark Frost’s book tells a hole-by-hole account of the match between Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan versus Ken Venturi and Harvey Ward (the two best pros and the two best amateurs at that time when amateur status was king. It’s cited as the day the game of golf changed forever). The book is captivating.

Describe golf course superintendents in one word?


Who would you rather play golf with – – Arnie or Jack?

Arnie. I admire these guys, but they are before my time, so I would probably lean more toward a Tiger versus Phil or Bubba Watson.

Would you like the beef, chicken or fish? Why?

For those people that have been out to eat with me, they know that I love to pick two or three options off the menu and I let the waiter/waitress pick which one to bring me. I have rarely been disappointed, and I love the surprise!

If you have four hours to watch TV, what do you watch?

During the week, it’s CNBC or “Mad Money,” “Modern Family,” “Shark Tank” and “The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

What do you like to do away from your job?

Family time with my wife, Alex, and my two boys, Tyler, 7, and Bryce, 5. We like to entertain with friends, coach Little League and teach Sunday School at church. I finally completed most of my home-improvement projects, so that has freed up time to golf. I love taking my boys with me, but I can’t wait until they can carry their own clubs.

What’s your favorite movie and why?

“Old School.” There are so many hilarious scenes. “You’re my boy, Blue” is a favorite one-liner. I’ve been known to quote a random line out of that movie at any given moment.

Speaking of movies, who’s your favorite character from “Caddyshack” and why?

The Gopher. I went to the University of Minnesota and our mascot is the golden gopher. I have a gopher head cover on my golf bag, too.

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