IAN CAMP | Partner, CS Trading LLC

Hometown: Liberty, South Carolina (born in Middlesex, England)

What’s a day in the life for you in your job?:
My role in the company is to oversee the day-to-day running of the office – the PR and marketing of the company. My first job every morning is to check in with emails, etc., and to respond as soon as possible. As we represent three British companies that are five hours ahead of us and also sell as far west as Hawaii, which is five hours behind us, our office workday can often spread over a 12-hour period.

What should golf course superintendents know about your company that they don’t already know?
Besides the three professional turf maintenance equipment lines – SISIS, DENNIS and Advanced Turf Technology – we also offer a line of “green” de-oiling/ degreasing products, and a range of lubricants that are nonconductive, noncorrosive, nontoxic, nonstaining and nonstatic. We also offer a range of replacement blades for a wide range of machines.

If you were born 100 years ago, what would you do for a living?
If I was born 100 years ago less my current age, I would be 32 years old. So I would’ve no doubt been in the trenches of the beginning of World War I. Also, I probably would be working on the railways.

Who is your hero?
Nelson Mandela. Here is a man who tried to right the wrong of racial discrimination. He was tried in a very biased court situation. Along with others, he suffered a cruel prison sentence. Yet he came out of prison not wanting revenge. He was prepared to work out a way forward with his “enemies” for the betterment of the whole country and its people. He was a true statesman, the likes of which are very few and far between.

Best thing about the golf industry?
It’s a very friendly industry. Even competitors have, on the whole, a friendly yet competitive approach to each other.

Worst thing about the golf industry?
Not much.

What golf course can’t you wait to get on and why?
As customers, they are all important and all different, and I enjoy that aspect of the golf course industry. As a dreadful golfer, I would not inflict myself on any golf course, nor would they want me to play, I’m sure. To the best of my knowledge, I’m the only golfer who miscued on the tee and lost the ball when it rolled off the tee box and disappeared.

Describe golf course superintendents in one word?

Who would you rather play golf with — Arnie or Jack? Why? I would be honored to play and learn from either, but for the reasons mentioned above I’m not sure either gentleman would appreciate having me as a golfing partner. And I certainly wouldn’t offer them any competition.

Beef, chicken or fish?
My favorite meal is lamb, new potatoes (cooked in minted water) and fresh green peas with freshly made mint sauce. I make a rule of only eating fish if I’m close enough to the ocean to know that it hasn’t traveled frozen halfway around the world. I always choose chicken as the safer option.

What do you like to do away from your job?
I’m involved in an anti-human trafficking organization. I also assist, together with my wife Sue, at our local church in leading a small Bible study/fellowship group. Gardening (yard work for my American friends) tends to be a summer occupation for me and Sue. Model railway building is my winter occupation. Also, spending time with our children and grandchildren.

What’s your favorite movie and why?
I rarely go to the movies other than to support my wife Sue when she wants to go. I prefer reading books.

Speaking of movies, who’s your favorite character from “Caddyshack” and why?
I confess to never have watched it, so I can’t answer this question. Sorry!

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