If you’re trying to be more irrigation efficient, take these eight tips into account.

  • Take seminars on water management to improve your knowledge. Better yet, take classes to become a certified irrigation auditor.
  • Consider an irrigation audit conducted by a third party. Yeah, it costs money, but it will probably pay for itself in the long run.
  • Don’t let the sticker shock on the price of a new irrigation system or upgrade prohibit you from investing. Do your homework on the return on investment. You might find the investment makes good sense.
  • Consider taking out turf and converting it to non-irrigated native areas.
  • Consider a firm and fast golf course. Learn how long you can push turf without irrigating it.
  • Know your golf course, especially areas that need less water than others.
  • Adjust irrigation in accordance with the seasons and angle of the sun.
  • Embrace available irrigation technology, from surfactants to soil moisture sensors and probes.

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