In recognition of the company’s commitment to driving water sustainability, The Toro Company was invited to the nation’s capital to participate in the White House Water Summit.

Toro helps future efforts in water conservation and efficiency on golf courses in four ways.


  • Toro’s PrecisionSense site assessment technology received the 2013 Tekne Award in agricultural technology by the Minnesota High Tech Association, along with Best New Product in the golf category in 2011 by the Irrigation Association. The patented system measures the variability of key site attributes – including soil moisture, salinity, compaction and plant performance – to help customers improve water and resource efficiency and produce healthy turf.
  • A longtime partner of the Environmental Institute for Golf (EIFG), Toro has donated more than $1.8 million to help support scientific turfgrass research and education.
  • Toro’s Turf Guard wireless soil monitoring system measures soil moisture, temperature and salinity to help golf and grounds customers make informed decisions on when and how much to water.
  • Toro’s newest sprinkler heads have improved nozzle performance to maximize distribution uniformity that reduces the need to apply excess water.