Innovative products for the course

A honeybee works a purple coneflower, one of the native wildflower species included in the Feed A Bee bulk seed mix provided by Ernst Conservation Seeds. Photo courtesy of Bayer.

A honeybee works a purple coneflower, one of the native wildflower species included in the Feed A Bee bulk seed mix provided by Ernst Conservation Seeds. Photo courtesy of Bayer.

Seed for pollinator habitat

As part of its ongoing commitment to honey bee health, Bayer CropScience has partnered with Ernst Conservation Seeds to provide bulk seed to golf courses that have pledged to become Feed a Bee partners and dedicate land to the establishment of pollinator habitat. Feed a Bee partners will receive a pollinator seed mix from Ernst Seeds that includes wildflowers that bloom from spring to fall, providing important nutrients for pollinators all season long. Some of the most popular pollinator attractant plants in the mix include slender mountainmint (Pycnanthemum tenuifolium), wild bergamot (Monarda fistulosa) and purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea). The seed should be planted according to USDA Pollinator Program guidelines at a rate of 4 pounds per acre. Founded in 1964, Ernst Seeds is the largest native seed producer and supplier in the eastern United States. The company sells over 400 species of native and naturalized seeds and live plant materials.

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Self-propelled spreader, sprayer

TurfEx offers the RS7200 Spread-N-Spray, a self-propelled spreader/sprayer combination unit featuring high-capacity and high-performance handling as well as superior material application, according to the company.

The Spread-N-Spray is powered by a 200cc Honda GX200 engine with a 2:1 ratio gear reducer. Its heavy-duty transmission includes two forward gears, plus neutral and reverse. The unit comes with a hand-operated transmission disc brake, as well as a foot-controlled sulky band brake.

The large-capacity hopper accommodates 150 pounds, or 3 cubic feet, of material, which can be spread up to 11 feet wide. Additionally, the balanced tank system holds 17 gallons of liquid and contains just one fill port for quick, convenient refilling. The sprayer is powered by a 2-gpm pump, and the low-pressure nozzles offer multiple spray patterns to apply liquid up to 11 feet wide. A spot sprayer is also provided for weed-spraying applications.

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Innovative weed control

Weed Recede is an all-in-one weed barrier mulch bag that is soil degradable, and the bag helps block weeds. It represents the next stage in technology that embeds purpose in the packaging, said Bob Hawkinson, co-founder of TLC-Total Lawn Care Inc. and inventor of Weed Recede.

“I’ve designed a simple system for installing mulch in a faster, easier, more eco-friendly way that helps to eliminate billions of plastic bags from ending up in the ocean or landfills,” Hawkinson said. “It not only saves time and the cost of recycling all that wasteful packaging, but the Weed Recede bag provides an effective barrier that helps to suppress weeds.”

Web-based product storefront

Turf Asset LLC has launched, a web-based storefront for golf course superintendents. The Turf Asset storefront facilitates profitable business partnerships between the manufacturers of forward-thinking products and progressive distributors, according to Turf Asset. The storefront is designed to give customers who prefer online buying easy access to a variety of professional turf products. The system keeps distribution engaged in the sale and isn’t intended to replace the traditional market.

Soil fertility enhancement

Helena Chemical Co. introduces MicroMerge 55441SP, a new granular micronutrient mix that enhances soil fertility programs with a better balance of nutrients, according to the company. MicroMerge blends are precisely formulated to prevent or correct micronutrient deficiencies. The new 55441SP formulation is designed specifically for turf applications providing a combination of five essential micronutrients — iron, magnesium, manganese, sulfur and zinc. Together in a granular form, these micronutrients play vital roles in many important plant functions that contribute to strong, healthy plant growth and development, according to Helena. MicroMerge 55441SP is ideal for blending with mixed fertilizers and is designed to provide uniform distribution of nutrients in soil applications.