Representatives from industry suppliers expand on what the concept means to their companies and the message they’re trying to convey to superintendents.

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Category Portfolio Manager


Describe what sustainability means to your company.

Sustainability means planning for a better tomorrow, today. It’s about consistently meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. This has always been our focus and was recently formalized this year through the introduction of Intelligro. Backed by leading research and innovative products, we strive to create smarter growth for a better world.

Through your sustainable efforts, what message are you trying to send to superintendents?

We believe that to create a truly sustainable solution, we need to break the mold. Plant protection has traditionally been dominated by one way of thinking and that’s to attack threats to save plants. It’s an approach that works, but not without consequences. At Intelligro, we take a different approach and that’s to work with the plant directly to help it become stronger. Simply put – healthier turf is stronger turf. By focusing on the health of the plant, superintendents can help to create a stronger foundation for their turf management program. CIVITAS products, used preventively, provide protection against disease, insects and the elements that can threaten the health of turf.

Are golf courses doing a good job of embracing sustainability? Why or why not?

In an effort to appeal to the environmentally conscious and exceed member expectations, we believe many golf courses are doing their best to strike a balance between sustainability, playability and aesthetics. Advancements in research and development are now leading to products that can deliver on performance while taking a more resourceful approach that creates conditions for reducing inputs such as fertilizer, pesticides and water. It’s about using resources to their full potential to create lasting, sustainable growth for our future and in the end. It’s the right thing to do.