Representatives from industry suppliers expand on what the concept means to their companies and the message they’re trying to convey to superintendents. A3328_7

Rick Irwin



Describe what sustainability means to your company.

Sustainability is about creating a balance between the need to protect natural resources for future generations while continuing to grow as a business. It can’t be one-sided. When conditions decline as a result of efforts to become more environmentally friendly and the course loses customers, that is not a sustainable business model.

Through your sustainable efforts, what message are you trying to send to superintendents?

At Ecologel, we believe in sustainability without sacrifice. By providing the industry with innovative technologies for water conservation, plant health care, balanced soil systems, pond maintenance and dust suppression, we want superintendents to know that, through the right combination of products and cultural practices, it is possible to maintain exceptional quality while promoting the responsible management of natural resources.

Are golf courses doing a good job of embracing sustainability? Why or why not?

While it is unfair to generalize with regard to golf courses and sustainability efforts, we find that our customers and the courses that we interact with are doing a great job of embracing sustainability. These are the superintendents who are seeking water conservation and water management products. They want to build roots and healthy soil systems.