Representatives from industry suppliers expand on what the concept means to their companies and the message they’re trying to convey to superintendents. A3328_3_full

Joel Simmons



Describe what sustainability means to your company.

Sustainability is not good enough anymore. We don’t want to sustain, we want to grow the environment for soil microorganisms; we want to help regenerate soils by building a solid carbon foundation. As we build a working carbon base in the root zone, we save thousands of gallons of water annually and provide a better growing environment for any plant. As we regenerate the carbon base in the soil, we provide an environment for millions of new microbes that will provide checks and balances for pathogens and significantly improve nutrient mobility to the plant.

Through your sustainable efforts, what message are you trying to send to superintendents?

This is all we have been doing since 1988, and what we are helping clients to discover is how a soil really works. By balancing soil chemistry and building available carbon levels in the soil, we can be much more than sustainable – we can regenerate the soil and build a stronger foundation that will provide a better growing environment for any property. This is how we help our clients to relax knowing that their soils will perform under any weather condition.

Are golf courses doing a good job of embracing sustainability? Why or why not?

They are embracing these ideas, they are seeing results, and they are changing the way they go to business. Superintendents are embracing the idea of reducing all their inputs and understand that the soil has to come first in this conversation. It is not a silver-bullet approach, but instead a process that our team has been in front of for more than 25 years. What we have discovered is that once a superintendent goes down the carbon-based fertility road, he rarely goes back.