We asked company representatives to comment on water issues and what their products can do to help superintendents be more efficient in achieving healthy turf.

Kirk Whatley, Sales Manager/Sonic Solutions

Q: Why should superintendents be concerned about water quality?

A: From the aesthetic point of view, club members and their guests don’t want water features that are odorous and unsightly due to algae. Algae in irrigation ponds or tanks can cause costly problems with pumps and sprinkler heads. In addition, superintendents who pride themselves on being good stewards of the environment have to be careful about using chemicals like copper-based products to control algae because they can result in collateral damage to grass and aquatic life.

Q: More than ever, superintendents are looking to you for answers to help them with water quality. Is there pressure that comes with this responsibility? Why or why not?

A: Being good stewards of the environment is good for membership satisfaction and public perception of the industry. Superintendents are under constant pressure to maintain or improve their water quality, and many superintendents have looked for better ways to maintain water quality so they can reduce or eliminate chemicals.

Q:Most superintendents strive to present golf courses that are aesthetically pleasing, but not over-the-top aesthetically pleasing. Any advice on how to achieve that balance?

A: Nothing is more beautiful than a natural looking pond with clear water. Sonic Solutions has units that have been operating for more than 10 years. When you take the average cost of a unit amortized for just five years and the minimal operating costs (the system uses less than 10 watts of power), this is a very cost-effective solution. Just one unit can treat up to 8 acres depending on conditions.

Q: How can superintendents use your company’s product to improve water quality?

A: Sonic Solutions can help superintendents achieve the beautiful pond that members and guests want to see, to keep their irrigation pond chemical-free and ready to use 24/7, and to keep the adjacent neighborhoods happy with the water quality leaving the golf course.

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