In this series, company representatives comment on water issues and what their products can do to help superintendents be more efficient in achieving healthy turf.A2529_3

Matt Cimino, Senior Technical Services Advisor, Intelligro

Q: You’ve heard it said that brown should be the “new green” when it comes to golf course turfgrass. What do you think of this approach?


A: I believe the culture of the customer base needs to change along with the expectations that network TV golf has created. Aesthetics of our courses has been and for the foreseeable future will be top of mind for our golfing clientele. I have managed turf under some pretty tough conditions, such as the Texas drought of 2011. We had 4 inches of rain in 14 months and temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit for 85 days that summer. Even under those conditions we maintained a green golf course through proper irrigation and a lot of hose dragging. The expectation from my members was to be green.

Q: More than ever, superintendents are looking to you for answers to help them with water management. Is there pressure that comes with this responsibility? Why or why not?

A: It’s in a superintendent’s nature to always strive to do things better than they did the prior day or year. Being the most efficient with water or any other input we have is something we are always focusing on.

Q: Many superintendents strive to present golf course turf that’s firm and fast, yet green. Any advice for them on how to achieve this?

A: I know that’s the mantra I was taught and subscribed to as a turf manager. Management practices that are conducive to these conditions exert a certain amount of stress to achieve these goals. Therefore, creating the healthiest environment leads to the ability to move those thresholds out so the plant can withstand more. The game of multiple stresses killing turf hasn’t changed. The healthier the plant is going into those stressful times, the greater the chances it has to survive and come out on the other side.

Q: Why should superintendents use your company’s products to help them irrigate more efficiently and effectively?

A: CIVITAS products are perfect for moving the threshold to better combat stress imposed on the plant. CIVITAS products can help to move the threshold and make a healthier plant.