We asked company representatives to comment on water issues and what their products can do to help superintendents be more efficient in achieving healthy turf.

Brian Pirl, Vice President of Operations/U.S. Aqua Vac

Q: You’ve heard it said that brown should be the “new green” when it comes to golf course turfgrass. What do you think of this approach?

A: I think a golf course needs to do what it can financially to stay afloat. If the course doesn’t have access to millions of gallons of water to irrigate every day, then it needs to make adjustments. But I do think people like to play the game to be around trees, nice waterways and the smell of green fresh cut fairways. It puts people in a relaxed state of mind.

Q: More than ever, superintendents are looking to you for answers to help them with water management. Is there pressure that comes with this responsibility? Why or why not?

A: Today’s superintendents have a lot on their shoulders. I’m amazed at the amount of their knowledge. But at that same time no one can expect a superintendent to be an expert about everything. I don’t think that there’s any pressure that comes with the responsibility of superintendents turning to U.S. Aqua Vac for expert advice on water management and pond cleaning.

Q: Many superintendents strive to present golf course turf that’s firm and fast, yet green. Any advice for them on how to achieve this?

A: As we have cleaned golf course ponds across the U.S., one of the things that I’ve always noticed is how green and firm the turf was as we set up for pond cleaning. Any golf course can have beautiful green turf, but it all starts with a clean irrigation system.

Q: Why should superintendents use your company’s products to help them irrigate more efficiently and effectively?

A: U.S. Aqua Vac can help any golf course achieve a healthy irrigation system. U.S. Aqua Vac makes sure that a course’s irrigation intakes are clear of any sediment. For any superintendent that has learned the hard way; this can be a very expensive lesson learned after an irrigation pump is burned up. Our thorough pond cleaning will also reduce weeds and the need for pond chemicals, which can greatly help with a course’s overall profit numbers.


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