Christopher S. Gray Sr. | Professional Product Manager, LebanonTurf
All granular fertilizers aren’t the same, especially when it comes to what specific nitrogen technology is featured in the product. With so many nitrogen sources available in our industry, each one providing different release curves and agronomic benefits, choosing a product that best fits your golf course’s particular needs is absolutely critical to maximizing your fertility program. Take some time and do some research on the multiple nitrogen sources available and match them up to what you’re working with in terms of soil types and maintenance expectations of your operation.

Gordon Kauffman III | Agronomist, Grigg Brothers
We would educate the superintendent on the correct calibration procedure(s), including choosing an appropriate dose and application timing, in an effort to supply the optimal and desired amount of nutrient per unit area. Rigorous calibration and selection prior to each granular fertilizer application will lead to improved nutrient-use efficiency, limited loss to the environment, and a positive economic impact on a golf course’s operational costs.

Eric Miltner | Agronomist, Koch Agronomic Services
Enhanced-efficiency (EE) granular fertilizers offer superintendents tremendous flexibility. Products are available with longevities ranging from six weeks to six months. Varying release mechanisms address different avenues of potential environmental loss, so product choice can be targeted to local conditions. There is also application flexibility: Most are applied by spreading, but stabilized nitrogen products can be either spread or sprayed by dissolving in water. Finally, EE fertilizers offer more efficient nitrogen utilization, meaning lower application rates.

Ed Price | Territory Manager, The Andersons
When you look at how much nutrient you are receiving for the cost of the product, you’ll be astounded at how cost effective those nutrients really are. Price per pound of nutrient in a granular form is very cost effective, particularly when most of the nutrients become available to the plant. The largest line items in budgets today are labor. Now think about the amount of labor costs with applying nutrients. Dispersible granule products last longer, which translates into less labor.

Trudy Naugler Klassen | Agronomy Research Analyst, Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies
Granular fertilizers continue to be the trusted and dependable baseline of a nutrition program and the new granular technologies available today allow for even better performance and efficiencies. Enhanced-efficiency (EE) fertilizers can take baseline nutrition to the next level of performance, providing a continuous nutrient feed from just one application. While nitrogen EE fertilizers have long been top of mind, there is now a way to round out your fertility program with an EE phosphorus. This gets you closer to the ultimate goal of matching nutrient release and availability with your turf’s nutrient demand.