We asked representatives from bunker renovation companies: What are the telltale signs for a superintendent to look for that will tell him his golf course needs a bunker renovation? Here’s what they had to say.

Todd Jenkins | Vice President, Better Billy Bunker A3788_1

When a superintendent is forced to allocate manhours and resources to bunker maintenance that would normally be reserved for other integral tasks, it’s probably time for a bunker renovation. When “bunkers” consistently rank at the top of member/ client surveys for areas needing improvement, it’s probably time. When a course is spending as much money on bunker maintenance as on putting greens, it’s probably time. We spend entirely too much time and money on bunker maintenance in our industry. I encourage superintendents to track what they spend on both routine maintenance and post-rain event maintenance. Having this information documented makes it much easier to justify a renovation to an owner or board of directors.