We asked representatives from accessory companies: What advice do you have for the golf course superintendent who wants to dress up the first tee at his course to give an excellent first impression. Here’s what they had to say:

Steve Tyler | National Sales Manager, Standard Golf
First impressions are very important when beginning a round of golf. The first tee box should be tastefully landscaped, possibly through the use of brilliantly colored flowers and ground cover in a bed of decorative bark or stone. Crisp and clean tee markers and a yardage information plaque and a ball washer round out the only accessories needed. Too much signage, such as dos and don’t signs, just add clutter that generally is not read or adhered to anyway. Keep the lines of your design clean and simple. Less is best.

Dan Brown | Sales & Marketing Manager, Par Aide Products Co.
First impressions are more important now than ever in the current golf market. While the first tee is a critical point for a first impression, I believe that they are actually made before the first tee … on the practice green. Far too often, we see practice areas that are neglected and accessory conditions are not consistent with the course conditions that support a facility’s image. As a result, a poor or inconsistent impression is made before the player even reaches the first tee. Fortunately, accessory upgrades here are very affordable and the impact they have on a course’s image can literally be made overnight.

Sam Vance | Account Manager, Eagle One Golf Products
Keep it simple. There are many things you can do to wow your customer, but the most important is the tee signs. Tee signs are a key piece of communication, and an extension of your club’s brand identity so you need to keep them front and center. Tee signs are used in many ways, i.e. directions, advertising or just marketing your club’s brand. The second most important item is tee markers. Once again, there is opportunity to customize and really make a good first impression when the customer walks up to the first tee for the first time. Tee markers are a very visible and, relatively speaking, inexpensive way to get a lot of bang for your buck.

Dave Knoepp | Director of Sales and Marketing, Markers Inc.
Other than making sure ball washers have fresh detergent and clean tee towels, in addition to conspicuous tee markers, we strongly advocate for informative tee signs — accurate distances, handicap numbers and hole numbers are critical. Tee signs that include an aerial view of the hole are particularly helpful for firsttime players of a course. Of course, distances to visible hazards are another plus, even for regular golfers.