Syngenta continues to keep busy with new products in the pipeline. At a press event at the company’s Vero Beach, Florida, research facility earlier this month, Syngenta announced two new products: Appear fungicide and Heritage Action fungicide. With the introduction of Ference insecticide last year and Velista fungicide at the Golf Industry Show earlier this year, Syngenta has launched four products in the last eight months.

In 2014, Syngenta said it invested $1.43 billion, or $3.91 million every day, on global research and development efforts.

Appear is now available to help golf course superintendents enhance control of Pythium and anthracnose, while improving turf quality, according to Syngenta. Heritage Action will be available to summer to enhance control of abiotic and biotic turf stress.

“Golf course superintendents know all too well the challenges of maintaining turf quality to player expectations,” said Tripp Trotter, head of marketing for Syngenta Turf and Landscape. “With the launch of Appear fungicide and the upcoming release of Heritage Action, these products can help superintendents manage their turf so it responds better to heat, drought, disease and more, which will ultimately improve turf quality.”

Appear has two components that work together to help enhance control of summer stress diseases and overall turf quality. Inside the plant, the potassium phosphite is quickly absorbed by the plant to offer improved disease control, even in extreme temperatures. On the outside, a pigmented formulation provides a deeper green color that improves turf quality and visual appearance.

“Appear was formulated to offer a deep green color, improved stress tolerance and turf safety in the heat of the summer,” said Lane Tredway, Ph.D., senior technical representative with Syngenta. “Additionally, the pH-neutral formulation helps ensure that Appear mixes well with products such as Secure and Daconil Action brand fungicides, unlike other pigmented phosphates that may clog spray nozzles.”

Heritage Action helps boost turf’s natural defenses, according to Syngenta. The product couples Heritage fungicide with a boost of Acibenzolar-s-methyl (ASM) to help enhance biotic and abiotic stress management. These two active ingredients work together to control disease, while protecting turf from abiotic stress like heat and drought.

“With two proven active ingredients that superintendents trust, Heritage Action will provide improved stress reduction that will improve the plant performance of turf,” said Stephanie Schwenke, turf market manager for Syngenta. “Acibenzolar is the only active ingredient recognized by FRAC to have SAR effects, which helps the turf increase its natural defenses against stress.”