Superintendents all over the country gave Superintendent Magazine their feedback on important issues in our fourth annual Super Survey. Superintendents wear many hats, including employee management and dealing with supervisors and golf course members.

Read on for some telling statistics—it looks like superintendents have a lot more on their minds than maintenance and budgets!

What is the biggest challenge you have managing your golf course?biggest challenge on golf course?

9% – My boss, who has no idea what it takes to keep the course in good condition

18% – Golfers who don’t repair ball marks and divots and damage other areas of the course

19%Golfer expectations for near-perfect conditions

23% – Old maintenance equipment to do the job right

31% – Finding reliable help

THE SPIN — No surprise here. We’ve heard there is a shortage of Mexican/Hispanic laborers because of crackdowns on illegal aliens. Many superintendents tout Mexican/Hispanic laborers as reliable workers. In past surveys, “Golfer expectations for near-perfect conditions, has been No. 1 on the list or a close No. 2. It’s No. 3 this year behind “finding reliable help” and “old equipment to do the job right.” This could be good news for equipment manufacturers.




Do you get along with your peers at your course (owner, pro, GM, etc.)?

1% – No, we can’t get on the same page.Get along with peers

30% – Somewhat, but I wish we were a better team.

69% – Yes, we function well as a team.

THE SPIN — Good to report that 69 percent of superintendents get along with their peers. Hopefully the others, who have some work to do, will get there soon. It’s downright brutal to work with people you don’t trust, you don’t like, and you don’t respect.


What else did we learn from this year’s Super Survey? Superintendents are seeing signs of economic improvement, a need for change, and get creative with budgets.