As 2014 comes to a close, we are highlighting those who made an impact in the world of golf course maintenance this year. From having a “Tough Chin” to eating “Humble Pie” to “Seeing Into the Future,” these individuals stand out. 

People think it is a sign of weakness to succumb to pressure on occasion, which isn’t necessarily true.

We’d like to recognize 82-year-old Lloyd McKenzie for not being willing to put up with the pressure anymore when he quit as superintendent of the Augusta National Golf Club in 1981 after spending six years in the position.

McKenzie was superintendent of August from 1975-1981. The pressure there was intense, unlike anything McKenzie had felt at any other job. He felt like his performance was always under a microscope from Augusta’s staff and members, the media, and even superintendents from other courses.

He has no regrets about quitting Augusta for a job that was a little more laid back. The memories of Augusta are fond ones.

“It was my career highlight…despite all the pressure. There’s no doubt about that,” he says.


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