Winter is the most popular time for superintendents to stock up on accessories, and at public courses, it is the preferred time to buy just about all the inputs and equipment they need for the following golf season with the exception of irrigation equipment.

Public courses buy at least one-third of their chemicals, fertilizers and equipment during the winter along with 43 percent of their accessories. About a quarter make these purchases in the fall. Conversely, private courses buy just 22 percent of their chemicals and 27 percent of fertilizers in the winter, and about half buy these products in the fall.

The disparity is due to larger-budget private courses participating in early buying programs to a greater degree for its chemicals and fertilizers; 77 percent of private courses participate in some sort of early order program compared to 67 percent of public courses.

Similarly for equipment, 46 percent of private facilities buy their equipment in the fall versus 29 percent of public courses, which are more likely to purchase equipment in the spring and fall compared to private courses.

Editor’s note: All data from Superintendent’s Distributor Experiences Survey. Read our November issue or search “Distributor” on our website to find more survey data and exclusive analysis on distributor satisfaction, bidding and pricing, consolidation and more about the value chain.