When it comes to greens, some golf course superintendents are pushing their greens to the edge.  That is, they’re ramping up green speeds to meet golfers’ demands for fast putting greens.  In the process they may end up  stressing the greens too much.

Don’t go over the edge: what superintendents need to know about pushing their courses’ greens too far

Stay on guard when pushing your greens, and watch for any signs of stress.

  • If you’re pushing your golf course’s putting greens to the brink, you need to watch them like a hawk to guard against stress, disease and potential death.
  • In watching for signs of stress, keep in mind other factors such as weather, soil, turfgrass variety, etc.
  • The key is to visually identify any problems before they occur.
  • Make sure the height of the cut isn’t so low that turf is suffering from it.
  • Act quickly if problems are detected by syringing, spraying fungicide, etc.