Rotam North America and SipcamAdvan have entered a joint venture as SipcamRotam. Customers in the turf and ornamental, agriculture and material preservation markets across the U.S. now have access to a combined portfolio of plant protection products.

By sharing commercial, marketing and customer service activities, the company will provide an elevated customer experience, SipcamRotam said.

“We believe this new joint venture will not only allow our customer base access to a broader selection of effective chemistry but will also enable both companies to bring new products to market more efficiently,” said Adam Burnhams, joint COO at SipcamAdvan and newly appointed general manager of SipcamRotam.

The joint venture will combine the sales forces of both companies, though each company will retain its individual identity and assets. Unified product lists and programs will be made available to the combined customer base.

SipcamRotam will report into a board consisting of two executives of each parent company.

Leadership for the new company includes:

Adam Burnhams as general manager;

Mike Adams as vice president of Ag-Chem sales;

Steve Slaveck as vice president marketing;

George Furrer as vice president of specialty products; and

Paul Conover as manager of customer service.