You’ve dreamt of becoming a golf course superintendent. After working incredibly hard, you landed a job as a superintendent. New job jitters and nerves are all normal. You step onto the golf course on the first day and start wondering if there are some tips that you could have gotten.

We took to our Facebook page to ask our seasoned golf course superintendents on some tips for superintendents who are first getting into it.

Here’s what they have to say:

Jason Fullerton: Don’t core greens when conditions aren’t right. Make sure you put back in what was taken out. Make sure weeds are eliminating from greens prior to coring. Download the weather app. Don’t flood the course during the summer months. Make sure proper mulch is used around trees, not old cut up pallets with nails sticking out. When putting bandaids on drainage, don’t use a backhoe, use proper equipment. When top dressing in problem areas were there’s been a problem with rocks in the soil, don’t replace it with soil that has the same issue. And last of all make sure no one gets lied to and back stabbed to make certain others to look better.

Andrew Marr: No matter what you do, some people will be unhappy. Just trust your gut. You’re in that position for a reason.

Benson Smith: Always listen and produce a course even and fair for all grades of golfer. Grass always grow back so experiment with the shape and style of your layout to find the best to suit all.

Chad Oden: One project at a time. Don’t give your cellphone number out easily. Delegate. Take time off, even if it’s only a half day here and there. Train your assistants well enough that you could leave for a week and no one would notice.

JD Hart: Take your time off. It is when you regenerate. Maintain your golf course for ALL of your clientele, not just the prima donnas. Consult an experienced golf course architect when in doubt or merely needing some one (who knows) to consult with.

John C Cummings: Be sure to take time for the family. Take days off.

Kevin Margrave: Be a leader, be strict but fair, show up before your crew and be the last one out.

Rodnie Bermea: You’re only as good as your team believes that you are. And greens come 1st.

Fore Brown: You can’t please everyone and get off that cart and walk around your course.

Bryan Kent Ingerslev: Stay calm! Always be three steps ahead of any situation.

Phil Jones: Create a group of Facebook friends in the same profession. Meet and talk. Share ideas. Listen to those who are prepared to help you. Love what you do. Never dear of asking and sharing.

Jeremy Sizer: Enjoy your time at work and at home. Both will be perfect if you do both.

What’s your number one tip to new golf course superintendents? Join the conversation on Facebook: