John Deere Golf aims to offer the “ultimate in mistake proofing”

John Deere Golf held a press conference at the Grand Cypress Golf Club in Orlando on Feb. 4 to introduce a slew of new golf course maintenance equipment. Mark Ford, John Deere Golf’s marketing manager, said it was the company’s biggest equipment introduction ever.

But that wasn’t all. Ford also revealed that the company had recently built a new assembly line at its turf care plant in Fuquay-Varina, N.C., where some of the new equipment was produced. Three years were spent planning the plant, and it was built from the ground up to manufacture fairway, rough and trim mowers.

The line, featuring cameras and integrated torque tools, was constructed to be “the ultimate in mistake-proofing,” said Mike Koppen, group marketing manager for John Deere Golf.

The reason for mistake-proofing the plant is simple. “We’ll get a better product off the line,” Koppen added.

Included in the product introduction are John Deere Golf’s new A Model Fairway, Trim and Surrounds and Rough Mower line. The company also launched the A40 and V40 PrecisionCore Aerators.

“You don’t make an investment like this . unless you’re thinking long term and are confident about the health of the industry,” Ford said. “We’re making a statement . endorsing the golf industry as having a bright future.”