Ken Magnum

Ken Magnum

Editorial advisory members vow to make a difference to improve their operations.

 It’s the time of the year when New Year’s resolutions are made. So we asked the esteemed members of our editorial advisory board, “What golf maintenance resolutions are you making for the New Year?” 

The right time

I’ve talked to all my supervisory people about work and personal time. We need to make sure we put in the “appropriate” time at work. I think many of us have gotten into the habit of being here more than we really have to be. I’ve always been a little old school when it comes to being here when it comes to people working late for events and projects. Since we’re open 363 days a year, coverage is important, but so are our families and our own well-being.

Ken Mangum

Director of Golf Courses and Grounds

Atlanta Athletic Club

Johns Creek, Georgia