Michael Osley

Michael Osley

Editorial advisory members vow to make a difference to improve their operations.

It’s the time of the year when New Year’s resolutions are made. So we asked the esteemed members of our editorial advisory board, “What golf maintenance resolutions are you making for the New Year?”

 Continue to Learn and Grow

My golf maintenance resolutions haven’t changed for a number of years. Simply, my job as superintendent is to provide the best possible playing conditions daily. There are many factors that affect this statement, from things that are within my control to things that are beyond my control, like Mother Nature. But no matter what the actual circumstances are in 2015, the goal will remain the same. The only resolution is to grow as a person, continue to learn, work hard each day, deal with things outside my control to the best of my abilities, and treat everyone I come in contact with the way I want to be treated.

Michael P. Osley

Certified Golf Course Superintendent

Meadow Hills Golf Course

Aurora, Colorado