Craig Felton

Craig Felton

Editorial advisory members vow to make a difference to improve their operations.

 It’s the time of the year when New Year’s resolutions are made. So we asked the esteemed members of our editorial advisory board, “What golf maintenance resolutions are you making for the New Year?”

 A Better Leader…All Year

My golf course resolution for 2015 is to try and be a more consistent, understanding and appreciative leader to my staff year-round. I find myself being pretty good with this for about eight months a year. My attitude is lighthearted, I remain flexible, and tend to listen and care a lot more about my employees’ needs and desires. Then I fall into the summer stress trap! Members’ expectations seem to increase overnight, everything needs to be done today, and my to-do list is never complete. At that point my attitude shifts to getting it done at any cost. Sick days, day care issues, car won’t start, and all those things that were perfectly normal and accepted just a few weeks ago can’t happen anymore. It’s summer!

Craig Felton

Golf Course Superintendent

Oak Hills Country Club

San Antonio, Texas

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