The newest CrossOver formulation from the Harsco Corporation, CrossOver G, is now approved by the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) to help alleviate drought stress.

CrossOver G for agriculture and turf is a highly refined, gypsum enhanced, calcium and magnesium silicate product that helps increase plant root weight and volume, enhancing drought and salt tolerance. While there is no cure-all for severe drought, research has shown that supplemental silicon enables plants to tolerate reduced water input with less impact on plant performance. As California’s record drought persists and growers rely increasingly on groundwater, CrossOver G’s blend of gypsum with calcium and magnesium silicate provides an additional tool to help with a number of issues related to drought.

The CDFA approved CrossOver G for ag and turf on all common cucurbits, fruiting vegetables, brassica vegetables, legumes and tuberous vegetables. It is also cleared for use on field crops such as corn (sweet, field and seed corn), soybeans, rice, wheat, sugarcane, sorghum, alfalfa, barley, oats and switchgrass. CrossOver G Turf is approved for all standard turf grasses. CrossOver G products have already been registered in most states along with the standard CrossOver.