WE ARE GOLF, a coalition of the game’s leading associations and industry partners announces the eighth annual National Golf Day, which will be held Wednesday, April 15 on Washington, D.C.

Golf’s leaders will meet with Members of Congress, the Executive Branch and federal agencies to discuss golf’s nearly $70 billion economy, $4 billion annual charitable impact and environmental and fitness benefits. Throughout the day, participants will share stories about the game’s nearly 15,000 diverse businesses, two million employees, tax revenue creation, tourism and ecological value.

National Golf Day in May 2014 was the most successful to date with over 120 scheduled Congressional meetings in one day.

“Planning for golf’s much anticipated return to Capitol Hill is in full swing and we look forward to an even more successful event in 2015,” said Steve Mona, CEO of World Golf Foundation, administrator of WE ARE GOLF. “The primary goal as an industry is to make sure our voice is heard in Washington, D.C. to ensure laws and regulations that impact the golf industry are fair and appropriate.”

In addition, Mike Hughes, CEO of the National Golf Course Owners Association, was recently named WE ARE GOLF Board Chairman for 2015.

“National Golf Day is an ideal opportunity for the industry to collaborate on important issues and meet with legislative decision-makers to preserve and enhance the image of golf,” said Hughes. “It’s important for the game to have a unified voice so a true picture is painted for Congressional leaders.”

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Photo above: National Golf Day 2014. Photo courtesy of WE ARE GOLF.