With 2016 coming to an end and 2017 being right around the corner, we gathered the top five most-read stories on SuperintendentMagazine.com this year. From Arnold Palmer’s health to the U.S. Open Championship, we’ve found a mixture of great articles.

1. Arnold Palmer’s Take on Personal Health

In 2011, our former Editor-in-Chief, Lawrence Aylward, sat down with Arnold Palmer and talked about health, cancer and the future.

“I suggest everyone [receive an annual checkup];’ Palm­er said. “It doesn’t have to be at the Mayo Clinic. It can be anywhere.”

Arnold Palmer passed away on September 25, 2016.

2. Mowing Patterns: Aesthetic vs. Function

Without some type of artistic mowing design, something would be missing. The mowing patterns are almost part of the allure. In the same respect, mowing patterns could be considered all fluff, like decorative icing on a cake. They’re eye candy, a visual treat. Or, is there more to mowing patterns than meets the eye? Do they actually serve a cultural maintenance purpose? We take a look at mowing patterns and what purpose they serve.

3. Your No. 2 Should Be a 10

Your assistant superintendent should be one of the most valued people on your team. If not, you’re not utilizing the position to its fullest. Perhaps part of our job description should be to make sure the person directly below us is indeed someone who could step in and keep the operation flowing smoothly. A certain level of responsibility must be placed on the superintendent to make sure the assistant is capable and also ready to take over at any moment. No doubt you were hired to provide the very best product possible. Having the very best people in place underneath you is imperative to achieving this goal.

4. Aeration Essentials

Need an aeration 101 refresher? We’ve got one handy.

For golf course superintendents, aeration is the backbone of any cultural control program. The best practices of aeration are changing, and superintendents across the country each have an idea of what works best for their courses. Here, we share a rundown of some ideas and resources that can help when you decide it’s time to aerate.

5. John Zimmers on Embracing the Challenge at Oakmont Country Club

John Zimmers knew what he was getting into when he was named the golf course superintendent at Oakmont Country Club in 1999. Zimmers was aware of the club’s revered history and had heard the stories about Oakmont’s demanding members, who take pride in their persistence for firm, fast and flawless playing conditions. Zimmers also knew it would take someone with the stamina of a superhero to be the superintendent at Oakmont, which hosted its ninth U.S. Open Championship, more than any other golf course.

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