Fall is no doubt one of the busiest times for golf course superintendents. Between managing the course and managing your crew and members, there’s a lot to do. We took to our Facebook page to ask you, our readers, what the No. 1 thing is that concerns you about managing the golf course heading into fall?

Here’s what we’re hearing from our readers:

Ted Steffensen: Hurricanes are my only concern in the fall. Cooler nights = Superintendent dream!

Joe Majewski: Frost damage, warmer than average/dry fall after irrigation is winterized.

John Boyle: Labor, aeration and fungicide timing.

David Noto: Frost tracks. The crunching of green grass under machine and foot.

Jay Newport: Treating the poa annua has become quite a battle.

David Hebermehl: Labor. Always.

Jeff Kay: Getting time off to hunt and watch college football!

Benson Smith: Root rot.

Bryan M Conant: Nothing, except golfers playing on frost.

David Thurman: Can I leave without the crew noticing?

Aaron Denny WhiteThunder: Frost

Chad Burke: Army worms

Christopher Hale: Leaves are a pain, so the concern would be the amount of diesel our tractor blower would be drinking! Also fusarium, we struggle to control it in its preferred temperatures.

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