Locust Hill Country Club, near Rochester, New York, has been recognized for its environmental achievements and commitment to sustainable operations by being accepted as a member of the New York Environmental Leaders (NYEL) program, run by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

Club President Tom Mannella says, “Locust Hill is committed to being a leader in demonstrating that golf courses can be environmentally safe, while also providing habitat for wildlife. The members at Locust Hill believe that the conservation of our natural resources is not only good for the environment but is vital to the future sustainability of the game of golf.”

In order to become a member of NYEL, Locust Hill demonstrated a record of compliance with environmental laws, as well as making improvements to increase the environmental performance of the course. Locust Hill’s membership in NYEL is for a three-year period, during which the course has made four commitments to increasing their environmental performance:

  1. Decreasing the amount of water used for irrigation by 2 million gallons a year
  2. Restoring 3.5 acres of land to a natural state to filter storm water
  3. Decreasing the amount of fertilizer and pesticides used by 400 pounds per year
  4. Continuing their successful internship program to train the future leaders in golf course sustainability.