Holganix team member Rob Dillinger will sit down with Paul Latshaw, the superintendent of Muirfield Village Golf Club in an interview on March 25 at 2:00 p.m. EST. The free webinar, “Let’s Talk Golf with Paul Latshaw,” will discuss Latshaw’s experience using Holganix and sustainable products. He will also discuss course conditions and his perspective on sustainability and its role in the golf industry today and in the future.

Holganix, an organic, bionutritional product, promotes strong turf, shrub, flower and tree health care by enabling plants to uptake nutrients more efficiently.

Attendees have the chance to ask Latshaw their questions during an interactive session. The webinar is free and is limited to the first one hundred people who sign up by calling Holganix at 866-563-2784 or going to http://hubs.ly/y0Drdp0#turf#golf.