LebanonTurf has announced a new blog as a part of a larger plan to redesign its entire website. 

The blog, titled “For The Health of It”, will cover product news and updates as well as industry events.

“We wanted to go deeper with this blog that’s beyond just product information,” said Chris Gray, LebanonTurf Professional Products Marketing Manager. “It will show the human side of LebanonTurf while also being a valuable resource for turf professionals.”

The blog falls in line with the company’s overall website redesign goal of creating a better experience for end users, instead of just focusing on distributors. According to a company statement, “Manufacturers are no longer simple providers of fertilizers, but rather, they’ve become vibrant companies that support and protect all of the industries and end users that use our products.”

LebanonTurf goes on to say that end users are a “vital part of the development process” and that the main objective of the redesign is to increase end user engagement.

The two blog posts that are now live on the LebanonTurf blog highlight the company’s new Proscape Fertilizer with Acelepryn plus Dimension, as well as a recap of their recent participation in the 2016 Golf Industry Show.

LebanonTurf plans to complete and unveil the new website around September 2016.