LebanonTurf is now offering Lebanon Stabilized Nitrogen (LSN), which features urease inhibitor technology, which, unlike traditional urea-based programs, significantly reduces volatilization by stopping urease enzymes from converting the urea into ammonia gas. This new technology can reduce application rates by up to 30 percent, and inhibits the volatilization of nitrogen for up to 10 days, making LSN an efficient and cost-effective nutrition program.

“LSN is ideal for those areas which frequently experience droughts and dry periods, areas where the use of an irrigation system is frowned upon, and areas where there is no irrigation at all,” explains Christopher Gray, marketing manager of professional products at LebanonTurf. “Professional turf managers don’t have to worry about watering the product in, right away, and they get peace of mind knowing more of the nitrogen they paid for will remain in the turf instead of escaping into the atmosphere.”