John Deere marked 10 years of providing hybrid technology at the Golf Industry Show, held in San Antonio from Feb. 21-26, 2015.

John Deere’s first hybrid mower, the 2500E Hybrid Riding Greens Mower, was launched in 2005 with electric reel technology to help eliminate hydraulic leaks in the reel circuit and to lower fuel consumption and sound levels.

In December 2014, Mark Schmidt, the principal scientist for John Deere turf products, said of the benefits, “Superintendents respond to products that deliver multidimensional sustainability.”

For equipment to qualify as a hybrid the machinery must include a combination of electric and gas or diesel powered components. John Deere’s line of hybrids feature electric reel systems, while the machine itself is powered by gas or diesel. When operated at reduced throttle, John Deere’s products offer up to 30 percent fuel savings.

The first 2500E Hybrid Riding Greens Mower initial success paved the way for the company’s hybrid technology expansion. By now, John Deere has a full line of hybrid mowers to help tackle course maintenance challenges, including fairway mowers, and riding and walk behind green mowers.

Pictured above is the 220 E-Cut Hybrid, John Deere’s walk behind greens mower.