Jacobsen announced today – April 1, 2015 – it has developed the world’s first invisible walking greens mower.

Photo courtesy of Jacobsen.

Photo courtesy of Jacobsen.

Following in the footsteps of the industry’s first and only all-electric and true hybrid ECLIPSE mowers, Jacobsen has again raised the bar with the TotalEclipse 2000 – a mower that is completely invisible to the naked eye. Leveraging advanced cloaking technology from Textron, the new TotalEclipse is unlike anything seen (or not seen) in the history of turf maintenance.

“This is the product no one saw coming – literally,” said Chris Fox, Product Manager for Jacobsen. “It’s quite a sight to see grass being cut seemingly by itself. The next time you see an empty trailer on the road, remember it might be carrying a whole fleet of Jacobsen TotalEclipse 2000 mowers.”

Bo Gus, Superintendent at Fools Gold Golf & Country Club in Madeup, Missouri, had this to say about the new mower, “We love them, the quality-of-cut we’re getting is out of sight! You should see the look on our members’ faces when we cut the practice green with these things. Of course, our technicians don’t like them much because they have to adjust the mowers ‘by feel.’”

“The Jacobsen sales department is very excited about going to market with the TotalEclipse 2000,” says Ric Stone, VP of Sales and Marketing for Jacobsen. “We expect high demand for this great new product, but it’s very hard to foresee exactly how many we should build.”

Jacobsen is currently testing the product on courses around the U.S. and Canada (although most are unaware of the activity).

If you’ve made it this far and still believe this is real news, we’d like to sell you a few TotalEclipse 2000 walking greens mowers. Happy April Fools’ Day from Jacobsen!