Glistening floors as far as the eye can see, the smell of fresh paint and a twinkle in the eyes of the Textron Specialized Vehicles employees — that’s what greeted the press at a recent site visit to the new home of Jacobsen in Augusta, Georgia.

By the end of this year, Jacobsen’s manufacturing operations in Charlotte, North Carolina, will have moved into the new Textron complex in Augusta, once a Procter & Gamble plant for powdered detergent and located just down the road from Textron’s other manufacturing site. Touring the facility in November, Jacobsen employees were eager to get the operations rolling in the new location.

Jacobsen’s new assembly lines will be constructed here.

Image Courtesy Of Jennifer King

“Jacobsen’s quality of cut and what that means to the name — you’ll see the investment being made here and how important that is,” said Rachel Luken Thompson, Jacobsen’s director of global product management and strategy.

More than 60 employees are expected to make the move from Charlotte to Augusta. The modernization of Jacobsen’s operations includes consolidating from nine assembly l ines into three, said Kevin Hol leran, president and CEO of Textron.

Holleran assured that the transition is being broken down in a way not to disrupt service to dealers and end users of the products. In addition, with the move of Jacobsen under the Textron umbrella, which also manufactures E-Z-GO golf carts and more, Holleran expects a collaborative vision to prevail.

“We are hearing what customers want as a whole and how we can deliver on that across the board,” he said.

The move was first announced in October, and the company feels it will help Textron better serve the golf community.

“We are working carefully to ensure a seamless transition that is invisible to customers. We will maintain the level of support and service — before, during and after the sale — that both Jacobsen and TSV customers expect and demand,” Holleran said.