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It's Masters Time.
It’s Masters time.

Augusta National Golf Club always wins.

The facts, the myth and the legend behind what superintendents rate as the greatest golf course in the U.S.

“It’s like going to Disney World…” says one superintendent.


Americans have an insatiable appetite for speed.

The USGA can do something about it.


CIVITAS is now operating as Intelligro.

The change means there’s a greater focus on resources, research and product development, plus you can download the new CIVITAS IPM Costing Tool to manage projects on the go.


Professionals weigh in on irrigation, water quality and water recycling.

With 36 percent of the country facing drought and California facing a mandatory water reduction, irrigation has never been so important.


Superintendents are gearing up for National Golf Day.

This superintendent got his first taste of government relations the hard way, when his water provider was about to shut off water to his course.