I read your article (on golf ratings: “Golf Needs Its Famous Players,” October Issue) and I enjoyed it. I’ve talked about golf ratings for years. I truly believe that more people would watch tournaments if they showed the bottom 5-10 players as well as the top 10. The players that top a ball or hit a huge slice, those are the players that the average golfer can relate to. If he sees a guy score an 8 on a Par 5, he’d say to himself, I could’ve beat that. We like seeing people throw clubs and get mad when they hit a bad shot. We like to see a guy miss a 2-foot putt.

Golf audiences and players have changed through the years, it’s time for golf to change with us! It’s time to loosen up and have fun. “Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives a shit?”

I incorporate live music with most of my tournaments and a good ole’ fashion BBQ with all of them. People play my tournaments because they are going to have a great time win or lose. I always give away a “dead-ass-last” prize. Sometimes it’s a copy of “Golf for Dummies” or whatever training gimmick is out on the market at the time. One time I gave away a real taxidermy boars head. The guy that won that was so excited you would’ve thought he won a new car.

At one tournament, I gave away a 1982 Volkswagen Golf for a hole in one/closest to the pin contest. The catch was the hole was 175 yards carrying water. The car was on a floating deck between the tee box and the green. People deliberately aimed their first shot at the car just to hit it and had a blast doing it. In this age of electronics and because everyone is in a hurry, we need to make golf as fun as we can, not to say we need to lose the values of golf. There is a time and a place for serious golf, and it’s called the Masters.

– Jerry W. Busby
Hondo Golf Course
Hondo, Texas

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