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Willie Pennington – 1968

Willie Pennington Inducted into the Tuskegee University Athletic Hall of Fame
Willie Pennington, BASF turf and ornamental sales representative for North and South Carolina, is being inducted into the Tuskegee University Athletic Hall of Fame as one of their athletic legends. Pennington was a vital team member whose abilities helped lead the Golden Tigers to three concurrent SAIC Championships (1967, 1968 and 1969). He earned his degree in Chemistry Education in 1970, and in 2017 celebrated 45 years of service with BASF.  He received an extended standing ovation at the BASF National Business Conference in August, where his contributions to the company were recognized.

Grigg Brothers Re-Brands As Grigg
Grigg Brothers, the leading turf nutrition brand, is being re-branded as simply GRIGG. The rebrand effort celebrates GRIGG’s commitment to science-based products, turf research and proven agronomic principles and embraces the research-driven approach that the Grigg family has created. GRIGG products are tested and validated with extensive university testing and GRIGG uses this research to educate turf managers and to establish best practice nutritional programs.

Toro® Sentinel® Central Control Makes Wireless Water Management Easier
The Toro Sentinel Central Control system pairs software with Sentinel field controllers. Scheduling and daily operations can be managed from a PC or iPhone and iPad using NSN® Connect. The software provides ET-based watering programs that can generate water savings of up to 30 percent per year. Radio, Wi-Fi, cellular and ethernet can be mixed and matched to meet individual system needs. Program data is stored both at the field controller and within the central computer; if a computer or master controller goes off line, there is no loss of irrigation. Field changes to controller programs can easily be uploaded to the computer. Controllers are available with conventional 24VAC wiring, both AC and DC two-wire, and come in a variety of different enclosure options. Sentinel’s propriety wireless output board technology offers additional surge protection for the control module as well as the ability to easily expand the station count on a controller up to 204 stations, with a radio range of up to three thousand feet line-of-sight from the controller.

John Deere Releases New UTVs
John Deere recently introduced two new utility vehicles to its lineup: the gas-powered Gator HPX615E and the diesel-powered Gator HPX815E. The cargo box has removable sides and tailgate and a one-handed, pickup style opening. These new models handle more cargo volume, up to 16.3 cubic feet. Additionally, the cargo box’s features allow it to transition to a flatbed. Additionally, John Deere has also recently rolled out the new new gas-powered Gator XUV835 and diesel-powered Gator XUV865 utility vehicles.

Bayer GST Has Solution For Controlling Nematodes On Cool- and Warm-Season Turf

Symptoms of nematode feeding:

o    Below ground: Reduced rooting, root lesions, root knots or root galls, excessive root branching, injured root tips and root rots (rot associated with bacteria and fungi).

o    Above ground: Patchy yellowing, thinning, wilting, poor response to fertilizers and irrigation, and overall unhealthy turf in spite of adequate management inputs.

Lab samples are important:

o    Laboratory diagnosis for nematodes will confirm not only the species present but also the size of each population.

o    Laboratory reports vary widely in their threshold values for nematodes plus each particular setting will further vary in tolerance of nematodes.

o    Therefore, laboratory analysis can only help to determine that nematodes are involved in the symptoms but cannot confirm if they are the primary cause.

o    Most importantly, the lab analysis will identify nematode species which will assist in determining the nematicide to be used.

Maximize cultural practices – reducing stress to create healthier turf will help minimize damage and maximize control.

Control all soil-borne diseases – Pythium root rot, summer patch, take-all patch (creeping bentgrass) take all root rot (bermudagrass) will exaggerate damage from nematodes.

Apply Indemnify®  in the fall:

o    For areas hit with flooding from Hurricane Harvey or Irma, see related posts for recommendations

o    Provides curative and preventative control of most nematodes

o    1-2 applications can provide long-lasting control

o    Easy to use with no need for excessive post-application irrigation, additional fungicides or wetting agents

o    Improves root and shoot regrowth for both cool- and warm-season greens following summer stress and reduces nematode populations prior to winter, likely resulting in improved winter tolerance and spring turf response