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Plan Now to Maximize Control of Snow Molds, Courtesy Of Bayer
It’s time to start planning for snow mold applications. You only have one opportunity to control snow mold, so here are some quick points to make your one chance count.

  • Help maximize turf health going into winter – Like with most turf diseases, snow molds are more damaging on turf that is at less than maximum health:
    • Aerify to reduce compaction and help limit thatch
    • Continue nitrogen fertilization into the fall via spoon feeding on greens or modest fall applications of nitrogen on higher mowed turf
    • Maximize water movement off turf by removing “sand dams” at edges of greens or any obstacles that may limit snow melt from moving off greens, tees and fairways
  • Check calibration and spray coverage – a full season of applications may wear out nozzles and the impact may not visible until snow mold break thru occurs early next spring.
  • Use the highest practical labeled rate – reducing the fungicide rates will reduce concentration of fungicide in the plant, especially late in the winter. Most snow mold damage occurs late in winter with warming temperatures, usually corresponding with decreasing concentrations of fungicides.
  • Use three or more active ingredients – researchers agree that more active ingredients in your snow mold control strategy will improve overall control.
  • Consider a primer application to reduce inoculum – snow mold symptoms develop most commonly under snow cover and temperatures at 32-50°F, but sclerotia (Figure 1) begin to germinate in the fall at 50-65°F air temperatures. Controlling the early inoculum with one or two fungicide applications prior to the final application will limit later infections and improve long-term control.
  • Protect young turf – fall-seeded turf is usually heavily fertilized to hasten establishment, but this also makes it succulent and especially susceptible to snow mold in the late fall. Be extra cautious with young turf and protect it with preventative snow mold applications.
  • Consider reapplying after heavy rain – if two or more inches of rain falls between the final fungicide application and snow cover, consider making another application to maximize disease control and ensure a successful start to the 2018 season.
  • 2017 Bayer Solutions – Combinations of Interface® Stressgard®, Mirage® Stressgard and/or Tartan® Stressgard are recommended to provide effective control of snow molds.

Mirimichi Green Introduces CarbonizPN Fine Grade
Mirimichi Green has introduced a new member to their CarbonizPN product line. They have added to their product offerings in carbon solutions for turf technology with the launch of the latest product, CarbonizPN DJ Fine Grade. Mirimichi Green is now providing a powder-like soil amendment that contains 50% USDA certified biochar and 50% premium organic compost.

EnP Appoints Jim Miller as Business Development Manager
Illinois-based specialty fertilizer manufacturer, EnP, announced the addition of Jim Miller as business development manager.  Miller brings decades of industry experience in product development, promotion, sales, and distribution. He was previously a sales manager for Aqua Aid, Inc. and worked in product development on Verde-Cal enhanced calcium products.

Ramsey & Golfplan To Unveil Turkish, Georgian Projects In 2018
The course architects at Golfplan have announced grand opening dates for a pair of Black Sea projects: the first municipal course ever undertaken in Turkey, and a hilltop 9 now taking shape high above the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. Santa Rosa, California-based Golfplan actually finished the first nine at Samsun in 2016. The back nine is newly completed and will emerge in fully finished form come the spring of 2018. Just 500 miles to the east, in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, the 9-hole Tabori Hill project has entered the final shaping phase. With grassing set for the spring, it is scheduled to open late in 2018.

Syngenta Widens Window for GreenTrust® Rewards Points For Golf and Sports Turf Customers In Areas Affected By Hurricanes
Syngenta is offering customers in affected areas an extension to earn more GreenTrust® Rewards points as part of the GreenTrust 365 program. This extension aims to give affected customers additional time to deal with any critical issues in the aftermath of the hurricanes. Golf and sports turf customers in the state of Florida and the greater Houston area can now earn 3x the GreenTrust Rewards points on every dollar spent on qualifying purchases through November 15, 2017.