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Briggs & Stratton Corporation Completes Noise, Vibration and Harshness Lab
Briggs & Stratton Corporation recently opened the doors on an engine testing facility designed to help engineers create and test new features that meet consumers’ demands. The new Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Lab incorporates automotive-grade technology to accelerate testing and create engines for residential use as well as the  VanguardTM commercial engines. The lab’s capacity and capabilities allow Briggs & Stratton engineers to test noise and vibration levels in simulated real-world conditions and the lab also allows for harshness testing. The new lab includes two sound-testing chambers: a standard chamber for vibration testing and detailed analysis and a larger chamber, designed for certification testing, where Briggs & Stratton engineers test for domestic and international noise regulation compliance.

Dynamax Introduces PR2 SDI-12 New Version
The Dynamax PR2 soil moisture probe is built around patented sensing technology which provides performance in all soil types with minimal influence from either salinity or temperature. The PR2/4 model measures soil moisture at 4 depths down to 40 cm or the PR2/6 measures at 6 depths down to 100 cm.