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Senninger Launches New Interactive Pivot Products Catalog
Senninger announced the launch of the new interactive pivot products catalog for PC and mobile devices. This newest version has information on product features, benefits, and installations, with the aid of application photos and videos. The Senninger interactive pivot products catalog expands on current Senninger literature (brochures and catalogs) to help dealers show growers which Senninger irrigation product is better for their fields and what solutions they can implement to address various irrigation issues. It also gives the convenient option to select the measurement system (U.S or Metric) for flows, nozzle sizes, pressures and other useful data.

Harrell’s Pledges $250,000 to the Environmental Institute for Golf
Harrell’s has pledged $250,000 over five years to the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America’s (GCSAA) philanthropic organization, the Environmental Institute for Golf (EIFG), to support priority initiatives of advocacy, environmental programs and best management practices.