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Spider Launches Global Social Media Campaign with Giant Mow-Na Lisa
Dvorak has launched its first global social media campaign featuring a giant version of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous Mona Lisa portrait, mown on a hillside at Dolní Kalná in the Czech Republic. The portrait, on a grass canvas measuring 200 metres x 250 metres with a gradient of 45 degrees, was created over a period of three days: two days of detailed surveying and one day mowing, using the company’s Spider 1 and Spider 2 mowers. It was filmed by the creative motion picture and digital agency, Mustard, based in Prague. Using their professional film crew equipped with the latest drone technology, the video shows how this remarkable feat was created. A scale drawing of the famous portrait was used to transfer reference points to the hillside using laser surveying technology and then the skilled Spider operators, including the company’s Managing Director, Lubomir Dvorak, mowed the 50,000 square metre image taking direction from the video producer.

Steve Horgan Joins Redexim Turf Products
Redexim Turf Products has added a new staff member: Steve Horgan of Kansas City, Missouri. Horgan is the territory sales manager for the state of Minnesota and joins the Redexim Turf Products team with experience in sales of turf equipment, specifically the golf side of the industry. He graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Turf Management and became a golf course superintendent in central Kansas as well as southern California. While in Kansas, Steve also worked in sales with Kansas Golf & Turf. During his stint in California, Steve was Operations Manager for EZGo for 8 years. Additionally, Steve has been Territory manager for Jacobsen EZGo, Golf Ventures West & Trinity Equipment. His 20 years of sales background is no-doubt an asset to the RTP Team.

Landscapes Hires Larry Hanks to Direct New Contract Maintenance Division
Landscapes Unlimited has announced the formation Landscapes Golf Maintenance, a separate corporate division that provides golf course facilities public and private with contract maintenance services. According to Landscapes Unlimited founder and chairman Bill Kubly, industry veteran Larry Hanks was hired in April to lead Landscapes Golf Maintenance (LGM) going forward. Hanks is a Class AA lifetime member of the Golf Courses Superintendents Association of America, one who’s had a direct hand in creating the contract maintenance phenomenon in North America. After running his own course development/acquisition consulting business in the mid-1990s, he spent seven years with Tampa, Fla.-based OneSource Landscapes and Golf Services, a pioneer in the contract maintenance niche where Hanks rose to the position of national sales director. In 2003, he joined Valley Crest Golf Course Maintenance. As national sales manager, helped build what is today the golf industry’s largest provider of contract maintenance services. Valley Crest changed its name to BrightView in 2014.

Brookside Agra H2OExcel
Brookside Agra has developed a proprietary, natural water conservation agent called H2OExcel™ that has been scientifically proven by a university research study to improve the health and appearance of turfgrass when heat and drought conditions are high, using 30 to 50 percent less water. H2OExcel is a 100 percent biodegradable, proprietary blend of desert plant extracts; high-quality, humic acid-containing biologicals; and other all-natural, non-plant derived nutrient enhancers. H2OExcel can change the polarity of water and soil to increase biological activity, interact with soil capillarity pressure and defend against dehydration of both the soil and plants by keeping water available deeper within the soil profile. H2OExcel also helps to increase available nutrients and balance the amount of water within the root zone of growing plants by supercharging biological activity.

Sustainable Polaris® GEM Low Speed Electric Vehicles
The Polaris® GEM offers more built-in comfort and street-legal safety features than a golf cart and features quiet electric power. It can be driven on streets in most states with a speed limit of up to 35 mph. EM is versatile enough to be driven on a variety of outdoor surfaces including, sidewalks and grassy areas, as well as indoors.