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Landscapes Re-ups With TIPS Through ’18
Landscapes Unlimited announced the renewal of its certification from The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS), a 15-year-old purchasing cooperative that streamlines the bidding and vetting processes for member institutions, which include private and public schools, colleges, universities, counties and other government entities across the United States. The annual TIPS certification achieved by LU this spring (Contract #170201 for Trades, Labor and Material) pegs Landscapes as an approved vendor through April 2018. This is one of two categories where LU has achieved official TIPS certification. The other (Contract #170205 for Synthetic or Natural Sports Fields, Courts or Tracks) also runs through April of next year.

Bayer Welcomes Four New Area Sales Managers to its Turf & Ornamentals Business
Bayer has made four staffing appointments within its turf & ornamentals business:

  • Clay Breazeale, area sales manager for North Carolina and South Carolina
  • Eric Skorich, area sales manager for Ohio, Kentucky and Southern Indiana
  • Cameron Smith, area sales manager for southern California, Arizona and Nevada
  • Eric Snelsire, area sales manager for Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and West Virginia

Bayer Green Solutions Team Offers Solutions to Increasing Dollar Spot Risk with Changing Weather
Dollar spot continues to be the most important disease in cool-season grasses across the country as more dollars are spent to control this disease than any other. It can be a problem from spring through fall, but is most problematic during the summer with high heat and humidity.

  • Changing weather– Cool-springtime temperatures are giving way to warmer summer temperatures, rain, and higher humidity in the eastern half of the country.
  • Symptoms appearing– Dollar spot symptoms may be present on many golf turf areas, especially those that did not receive an early season application for dollar spot or fairy ring.
  • Cultural control– Reduce surface moisture with morning mowing, rolling, dew-whipping, or dragging a hose.
  • Nitrogen helps– A light rate of fast release N will also help limit dollar spot activity. Apply rates as low as 0.1 lb N/1000 sq ft on greens and higher rates on fairways.
  • Bayer solutions– Exteris® Stressgard, Interface® Stressgard, Tartan® Stressgard, Bayleton® Flo, Mirage® Stressgard and 26GT® will provide control of dollar spot on golf turf.