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Survey Finds Superintendents Give High Marks to Propane Golf Maintenance Equipment
Final survey data from an equipment demonstration program shows golf maintenance equipment powered by propane can dramatically reduce emissions while saving superintendents money through lower fuel and maintenance costs compared to similar equipment powered by traditional fuels. Asked to measure on a scale from one to five for a variety of equipment performance outputs, the superintendents and their crews gave high marks to operating with propane. Also, 75 percent of the superintendents in the demo program reported an improved perception of propane after the program, and responses averaged a “4” when asked about the superintendents’ willingness to recommend propane-powered equipment to others.

Toro Enhances ExcelaRate™ Controller Software
Toro has upgraded their ExcelaRate™ control software that regulates the spraying application for the Multi Pro® 5800 and Multi Pro 5800 with GeoLink™. Operators can now take advantage of either a three-boom, two-boom or one-boom flow meter calibration process and the new control software features the ability to perform a timed catch test for each nozzle size and color.