WinField Solutions, LLC will showcase its GeoTech Tool at the Golf Industry Show (GIS) in San Antonio from Feb. 21-26, 2015. WinField specialists will offer golf course superintendents a free GeoTech Tool mapping session. The maintenance system’s software generates satellite imagery  to collect and aggregate complete plant health information within a defined area.

GeoTech allows golf course superintendents to see their grounds from a new perspective. Its maps allow superintendents to identify management zones and build a plan to maximize efficiency. According to Winfield, long term use of the program can also help communicate problem areas and solutions, validate management practices and monitor changes over time.

Winfield Solutions offers products, services and support to product categories including adjuvants, dyes, wetting agents, fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, micronutrients, turf seed and pest control products.