He has the perfect name for a golf course superintendent. Peter Grass is also the first president of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) who is a superintendent at a nine-hole course. Grass has been the superintendent at Hilands Golf Club in Billings, Montana, for 25 years.

“My background is a bit different and I hope that I can utilize those differences to show that GCSAA has value for everyone – whether you are at a private 18-hole facility or a nine-hole public facility,” Grass said in a GCSAA news release.

Grass said many of his peers have told him how cool they think it is that someone from a nine-hole facility can become president of the association.

“There are about 4,000 nine-hole facilities in the country and I am proud to represent them as president of GCSAA,” he said. “Many people have come through the ranks and have worked at a nine-hole facility; I just never left. I started working at Hilands as a teenager, and I am now 56.”

Grass said he believes superintendents are working for a common goal more than ever before.

“Golf course management professionals are keen to adopt best management practices (BMPs) nationwide and develop water conservation and drought management plans for the long term. And we are making strides,” he said.