The Environmental Protection Agency said it has extended the end-use date for all fenamiphos (Nemacur) products until Oct. 6, 2017.

The EPA said it’s decision is based on the amount of existing stocks reported by the Golf Course Superintendents’ Association of America in its letter dated Aug. 5, 2014. Based on this information and past experience, the agency concluded the most cost-effective, safe, and efficient option to exhaust remaining stocks of fenamiphos is to use the stocks as directed on product labeling rather than transporting hazardous substances over potentially lengthy distances to a pesticide disposal facility.

The purpose of the extension is to facilitate use of the product inventory currently being held by users, not for the purpose of selling or otherwise distributing the existing stocks to other users.  

The distribution and sale provisions of the Oct. 5, 2011, order remain unchanged. Therefore, any distribution or sale of fenamiphos products is prohibited (including across state lines), except for purposes of proper disposal or export consistent with FIFRA section 17. Any distribution or sale would be a violation and subject to penalties under FIFRA (potential statutory maximum of $7500 per distribution).